“We have a unique and wonderful planet. With the help of us all, a better world is possible”

Andre Wehrli works in the Swiss  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and he visits Nerja once a year to enjoy the town with his family. As an expert in sustainable development, Andre told us a lot of interesting things about taking care of the environment and the protection of nature.

 – What are the major environmental problems in the world of today?

Nowadays, there are many major ecological problems and they are often caused by the overexploitation of nature’s resources. The planet’s global warming is a really urgent problem, but also the lack of clean water, the depletion of biodiversity and natural habitats (both in amount and quality) are also very important problems.

 – Why is taking care of the environment so important?

 We have a unique planet, a unique world, and the environment is our best life insurance. It is not possible to live without the environment and natural resources. However, our planet can perfectly survive without the presence of human beings… That is the question. Leer más Sobre “We have a unique and wonderful planet. With the help of us all, a better world is possible”

The School gives away 0’7% of its benefit to humanitarian and sustainability causes

The School gives away approximately a 0’7% of its annual benefit in order to collaborate with humanitarian causes and with environmental sustainability. The School established in Nerja takes part in agreements with several NGOs, among which we can remark the close collaboration of more than ten years with Intermon Oxfam.

In recent days, the School gave its monetary contribution through this Non-governmental Organization, with the aim of helping to the reconstruction in Gaza, in the frame of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that is affecting to the civil population of both countries. Leer más Sobre The School gives away 0’7% of its benefit to humanitarian and sustainability causes

Recycling paper is about everyone

Recycling paper is a must for everyone at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja: teachers, students of the Spanish Courses, direction and secretary. Taking care of the planet is a common responsibility and the School, in the frame of its Corporate Social Responsibility politics, is promoting the use of ecological measures in order to protect the natural environment. Leer más Sobre Recycling paper is about everyone

Spanish courses and ecology: Saving water


The School is aware of the importance of saving water to the maximum during summer in all of its Spanish courses. A responsible energy use is one of the centre’s main commitments, both in the School and the residential campus. All of us together can live in a better world if we protect nature and take care of the ecology. Leer más Sobre Spanish courses and ecology: Saving water

Nature to learn Spanish


The care for Nature and the environment is something very important for the School and for the Spanish Courses. Many of our students encourage us to keep working in this green philosophy to take care of the natural landscape by means of ecological initiatives. Since many years ago, for example, the School uses to recycle all paper, plastic, glass, batteries and old office and computer stuff. Leer más Sobre Nature to learn Spanish

Rap to learn Spanish

Not very often we have the chance to listen to rap music in Spanish lessons. An American student with Puerto Rican parents showed us this song in order to make a presentation aboutSouth America’s problems. Since there are people who don’t have the opportunity to learn languages, and even less to travel to other countries, today we pay tribute to all those people who, day after day, work hard in very difficult conditions to give their families a better life inSpain,South Americaand anywhere in the world. Leer más Sobre Rap to learn Spanish

Goodbye to Nerja Donkey Sanctuary. Thanks for everything!

This month, Nerja Donkey Sanctuary is closing at the end of June, after ten years giving intensive care and protection to the most vulnerable animals. The School would like to thank the devoted workers of this perfect animal refuge for their huge dedication and effort throughout a whole decade. The current economic situation makes impossible to go on with the fantastic work that the voluntary staff of this local Sanctuary has been doing during the last years. Leer más Sobre Goodbye to Nerja Donkey Sanctuary. Thanks for everything!

The School commits itself to act under criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja has recently made a commitment to meet the requirements established by the international educational institution ESL Educational Group in the field of sustainable development. By this way, the Andalucian learning centre will act under CSR criteria that will encourage the protection of the environment and the natural surroundings around the town […]

ECOEscuela, the Ecology Blog, is born

ECoEscuela, the new category in Escuela de Idiomas Nerja’s blog devoted to ecology, was launched last February, aiming to promote the environmental preservation. In this new section you can find information related to the care of the ecosystem. The creation of ECOEscuela must be seen in the frame of a series of initiatives carried out by the School in order to encourage sustainable development, based on the respect for nature and a rational use of our natural resources.

Leer más Sobre ECOEscuela, the Ecology Blog, is born