Foreign students choose Nerja as the ideal destination to learn Spanish

In 2016 Nerja asserts itself as one of the most important language tourism destinations in Spain. Its privileged geographical situation, with a mild climate all year round, its natural environment and the friendliness of its inhabitants make Nerja one of the preferred destinations for the more than 150,000 students from all over the world who travel to Spain every year to learn Spanish.

The importance and momentum of the Spanish language worldwide mean more and more people are travelling to Spain with the main purpose of learning Spanish and getting to know the country’s culture. With currently more than four hundred and fifty million Spanish speakers in the world, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language worldwide by number of native inhabitants, the second language channelling more international relations and also the second most studied in the world.

Foreign students choose Nerja as the ideal destination to learn Spanish

The Spanish language student feels satisfied in Nerja thanks to the region’s rich cultural, historical and gastronomic wealth. In addition, this area of the Costa del Sol is well known for its natural landscapes and beaches, characterised by quiet streets and the warmth and friendliness of its inhabitants.

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, with over thirty years of experience, is now getting ready to welcome its students for 2017, with the philosophy of offering our visitors maximum comfort and professionalism. Our quest for continuous renewal to adapt to students’ new needs has led to our School receiving official national and international recognition as being one of the most important Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) centres in Spain.

Furthermore, the municipality of Nerja has already begun preparations for organizing the most important celebrations of the year 2017. For example, Holy Week (Easter), when there will be numerous processions and cultural activities for what is the most important religious event in Spain. In Nerja processions are held in the streets of the town centre, those taking place on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday being especially popular.

Holy Week, when Christianity celebrates the events of faith related to Jesus Christ’s last days (Passion, Death and Resurrection), is an example of Spanish culture that visitors to the School observe with maximum respect and curiosity.

Also popular among students is San Isidro’s Day (15 May), when both local inhabitants and visitors go on pilgrimage from the town centre to Nerja Cave (approximately 3 kilometres) while eating and dancing together in joyful procession.

Finally, Nerja Fair, in October, is the town’s most important local fiesta of the year, which is celebrated in honour of the Virgen de Las Angustias and San Miguel. Merriment, flamenco and gastronomy play the leading role during a week in which Nerja welcomes numerous Spanish and foreign visitors. The combination of culture, religion, music and folklore make Nerja Fair a major tourist attraction for our students, being synonymous with amusement and pure Andalusian tradition.

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