New website of the School

The School website is being completely upgraded to facilitate interaction with students and adapt to the new communication media. The School is about to complete the full upgrade process of its official website. The Escuela de Idiomas Nerja IT team has worked intensively in recent months to complete a drastic change in the essential Welcome window and corporate presentation represented by a website in today’s digital society.

The new website, which will be available from next month, is more agile and dynamic than the previous one. The most important feature of the new digital site is that it facilitates interaction between the School and the user from any communication medium.  Network integration and total adaptation to all types of smartphones used today make the School website 100% responsive; i.e. accessible from any mobile phone or tablet.

The current upgrading of the School’s website is part of the ongoing renewal philosophy that has characterized the Nerja School since its creation over 30 years ago. The integration of new technologies responds to the School’s continuous search for excellence, with the ultimate aim of adapting to the needs of new students every year.

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