Nerja Fair

Nerja Fair is held in this town in Southern Spain in October. It is the last of the fairs in the province of Málaga, which are normally held in August and September. Nerja Fair is special because the mild temperature and the characteristic autumn light create a cosy and festive atmosphere for all visitors, both national and foreign. 

Nerja oozes joy and well-being in October. The entire city is profusely decked out for the celebration of the municipality’s festive week. Flamenco is a must at any Andalusian festival, and one of the most interesting reasons for visiting Nerja at this time of year is to see the women’s Gypsy costumes, beautiful, multi-coloured, handmade Flamenco dresses. The Flamenco Festival at Nerja Fair is accompanied by the typical local wine and food, such as sweet wine or fried aubergines with molasses and fried fish, which are served at the Fair stands, in Spanish called casetas.Nerja fair

The Fair is an event to be enjoyed by children, young people and adults, with cultural song and dance activities. In addition, during Nerja Fair, the ceremony for choosing Miss and Mister Nerja takes place, which is becoming more popular every year in the province of Málaga.

10th October is Nerja Fair’s most important day. On this day a Mass is held in honour of the patron saint of Nerja, the Virgen de las Angustias, and San Miguel Arcángel. Both are carried in procession from El Salvador Parish church (on the Balcony of Europe) to the Virgen de las Angustias Chapel (next to the taxi stand). The procession represents the most emotive, intimate, solemn and significant moment of the Fair, with thousands of people respectfully and enrapturedly watching the religious figures go by.

In this way, Nerja Fair manages to combine religion, culture, gastronomy, music and folklore in one of the most enjoyable and attractive weeks to visit the town and the experience of learning Spanish in Andalusia.

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