The Roman Bridge of Córdoba

The Roman Bridge of Córdoba is one of the most important symbols of this beautiful city, located 200 kilometers away from Nerja. In Córdoba, you can find historic monuments of the Roman, Arab, Jewish and Christian eras. For its beauty, cookery and fast connection to Nerja by road, Córdoba is currently one of the favorite day-trips for the students who come to our School.

The well-known Mosque (currently, the actual Cathedral of the city) is located in the city center, being the monument that represents for the best the mix of cultures that can be admires in Córdoba. In order to reach the Cathedral- Mosque, we have to cross this perfectly well preserved roman bridge that Karin de Bruin (Netherlands) photographed.

The Roman Bridge is located over River Guadalquivir, being the only bridge that the city had for more than 20 centuries. Since 1931, it is a heritage of cultural interest, being part of the historical old town, which was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1994.

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