The mystery of the living stones

Last week a very mysterious event happened. Inside a cave at Athens, Greece, three young youngsters – two boys and a girl- discovered a stone temple while they were investigating some cave paintings. The two boys got lost and, all of a sudden, they saw some stones moving.

 They tried to run away, but the earth cracked and there appeared two statues. “What’s that? Did you saw it?”, said the younger boy. “What? You’re kidding, man. Someone must be pulling our leg”, his friend answered.

 Suddenly they heard a voice to say “As we have a golden heart, we will help you. We will show you the way back home if you promise us to keep this secret.”

 Safe and sound home, the boys couldn’t finally keep the secret, so their dead bodies were found yesterday. By the way, the girl has not appeared yet.

Autor entrada: EINerja

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