Summer activities come to an end with the big success of outdoor cooking lessons

Extracurricular specific Summer activities come to an end this month of September, showing a “very positive” balance, in words of the School’s Director of Activities, Celia Jiménez, who also highlights “the great reception afforded this year to the outdoor cooking lessons”, that have joined a total number of 200 people along the whole Summer. Besides, due to the students’ demand, the visit to theCaveofNerjahas increased its frequency.

Cooking lessons are held every week in the Andalusian patio located at Club Costa Nerja, the hall of residence for the students visiting the School. There, at dinner time, the students prepare a delicious paella or a fideuá, depending of the attendants’ taste that evening, always with the help of a chef-professor. The students themselves cook the main course, also preparing the drinks, salad and a tasty dessert that has had watermelon as its main ingredient this summer. While all the dishes are made, the teacher explains how the paella is prepared, including his/her cooking tricks to get a perfect dinner.

This cooking lesson activity stands as one of the best examples of the School’s commitment for organising acts outside the classrooms, independent from the lesson schedule. Thanks to this kind of activities, the students can achieve their language immersion inSpain, consisting not only in learning grammar resources (something that the put into practice in the classroom), but also those aspects related to Spanish society and culture. In addition to this, extracurricular activities are a very suitable environment to learn Spanish in a relaxed, non-formal atmosphere.

Following this course of action, this summer has also seen an increase in the frequency of the visits to theCaveofNerja, located only 10 minutes away from Escuela de Idiomas Nerja on bus. TheCaveofNerjais the most visited natural monument inSpain, standing as a must for nature and geology lovers, because of its beauty and scientific value. Discovered 50 years ago, the Cave is rich in prehistoric artistic samples, as it counts with more than 500 pictorial motifs. It is declared as aHistoric-ArtisticMonumentand Heritage of Cultural Interest.


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