Spanish Courses and Seville, Game of Thrones’ city

The new episodes of Game of Thrones will be shot in Seville (Andalucía), a Spanish city located only two hours away from Nerja. It is a unique chance for the city and for Andalucía, as a whole to show the world its historical legacy, especially regarding to architecture. The Royal Alcázar of Seville, for instance, will be one of the main filming locations in the series.

Game of Thrones, produced by HBO, is the most viewed series ever and Seville will have the honour to the show’s full cast. In fact, more than 16.000 people have alrady signed up to take part as extras in the American TV show.

Seville is a city of more than 700.000 inhabitants, making it the most populated city in Andalucía, and the fourth largest one in Spain. In addition to this, it is also the third Spanish city in number of national and international tourists, after Madrid and Barcelona. This is due to its architectural and monumental splendour. Historical heritage is represented by the Cathedral, the Giralda, its well-known 100 metres high tower, and the Royal Alcázar, all of them declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1987,: Also in the city, you can have a look to the Indias Archive, the Gold Tower (Torre del Oro) and the majestic Plaza de España.

The School organizes monthly sturday excursions to Seville, in which the students can visit the most important spots in the city during a whole day. Yo can also enjoy the typical Mediterranean cookery, always under the practical guidance of a teacher-expert. The value of its monuments and the gentle and kind mood of its citizens, together with the beauty of the streets make Seville one of the favourite places to go for the School’s visitors.

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