Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, shortlisted for the eighth year to win the “STM Star Spanish Language School 2014” award.

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja has been shortlisted for the eighth year for the “STM Star Spanish Language School 2014”awards, which are the most important prizes in the sector. It is the seventh year in a row that Nerja’s School is part of this select list of five finalists that have a chance to receive the main prize in the Star Awards, which are organized by the sector’s specialized magazine Study Travel Magazine and are also considered the Oscars of the language learning centres.

The awarded schools in the STM Star Awards are chosen by specialized professionals who work in the Abroad Language Learning industry, always with the interest of awarding the quality offered by Schools, study travel agents, international and national associations. Inside the sector of Spanish for foreign students, five Schools have been nominated, chosen by agents all around the world.

The final winner was announced in the gala dinner event and the following prize giving ceremony that, in its 2014 edition, took place on Saturday August 30 evening at Park Line Hilton Hotel in London (United Kingdom), coinciding with the Alphe Workshop that was held there during that same weekend, too.

More than 700 professionals from the Language Learning industry around the world attended to the STM Star Awards. Among them, Luis Carrión and Renate Urban, directors of Escuela de Idiomas Nerja. Back home in Spain, Carrión pointed out that being shortlisted again represents “an honour”, “a huge joy”, as well as “an appreciation to the effort and commitment that the whole professional staff of this Nerja School shows every day with the main aim of offering the best educational quality to their visitors”. Due to this, “we really thank our agencies, students and the whole School staff for our eighth nomination”.

The STM Star Spanish language School category is “especially competitive”, Carrión states, as the growth of Spanish as a language for international commercial relations and its status as the second most used language in the internet demand “a constant training and research on teaching methods that can be adapted to all kinds of visitors and also to online course users”, Carrión remarked.

As the director of Escuela de Idiomas Nerja says, “the Study Travel Magazine Awards have become the most desired and well-known in the sector, a quality certificate, and this new nomination encourages us to keep working very hard to improve every day with the aim of teaching this beautiful language in an efficient and dynamic way”.

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