The School organizes the II Edition of the Facebook Quiz Contest

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja organizes the II Edition of the Facebook Quiz Contest thanks to the great success obtained by the initiative in its first year of life, last Christmas. The prize, for this second quiz, will be free two-weeks of Intensive Spanish Course (20 hours per week). Escuela de Idiomas Nerja wants to thank all its students for their encouragement, interest and participation on all their visits to the School.Facebook Quiz Contest

The game will consist of 20 questions with three possible answers to each of them (A, B and C). The questions will be related to the School’s functioning and extra-curricular activities, as well as to the history and culture of Nerja and Andalusia. Therefore, the initiative tests, in a fun way, the students’ knowledge of Spain and the School.

Students will have access to the contest in our Facebook. Among the winners of all of the questions (20), there will be a draw to decide the final winner of this second edition. The lucky winner will receive a two-week Intensive Spanish Course at the School completely free of charge.

The initiative has its origin in 2013 as a commemoration of the first 2000 Likes obtained by the School since its creation. The School’s Facebook is updated daily with news of all kinds related to Spanish teaching and with photographs of the classroom and extra-curricular activities held at the School.

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