Flamenco music to learn Spanish

This month’s song is “Pa’ Madrid” (To Madrid), by El Barrio, the most successful flamenco singer in Spain. You can read the words to this song in “El Sol”, our monthly newsletter (idnerja.com). Moreover, this song is also a tribute to Madrid, the city that hosted, two weeks ago, the UEFA Champions League Final.

José Luis Figuereo Francowas born in Cádiz in 1970. He is from the typical Santa María quarter. He used to like the neighbourhood a lot, and that is why he called his arstistic project El Barrio (The Neighbourhood). He started playing the guitar when he was only 9 years old, and at 14 he gave his first live shows at Córdoba and Madrid.

The relation between this flamenco singer and Madrid is specially intense since he is the only singer to sell out all his concerts in the capital of Spain for the last four years in a row.

We remind you that listening music is one of the best tools for learning a language. Thanks to songs we can learn native speakers’s intonation and pronunciation. In addition to this, we can learn new words and everyday language that we cannot usually find in the books.

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