After the Spanish lessons

After the Spanish lessons it is time to relax, and that’s why the School organizes a number of different out-of-school activities in Nerja. Tuesdays, for example is Sports day. Students play beach volleyball at Burriana Beach, the largest in Nerja. There, from 7 to 9 in the evenings, students and teachers play and compete in a healthy and funny atmosphere.

Losers (and also the winners when it is really hot) must take a swim and, meanwhile, their colleagues have some time to take such beautiful pictures as the one we are showing today in this post. It displays the moment when the sun is about to hide behind the mountains and the beach is quiet and silent.

Other activities at the School are: cooking lessons, wine tasting, salsa lessons, day-trips to Málaga, Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba… You can have a look to all these activities on the School’s website:

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