Virtual Tour of our installations on Google Maps

This month, Escuela de Idiomas Nerja is launching a free virtual tour of its installations thanks to Google Maps. Students interested in travelling to Nerja can visit the School virtually, without having to leave home, taking an interactive tour through the corridors of the School, which is housed in a traditional Andalusian building. The virtual visitors have access to both the interior areas (Reception and classrooms), and the exterior, featuring an extensive garden containing avocado trees and aloe vera plants, among other tropical flora.

The tool for the virtual visit of the School is extremely simple. All you need is an Internet connection. In the `Google Maps` application on just enter  Escuela de Idiomas Nerja and your tour will begin, with an excellent image quality thanks to the high-resolution photographs taken on a normal working day, to achieve greater realism on your visit.

With this initiative, the School takes a further step forward in its philosophy of ongoing innovation and renewal, in this case in the field of the use of new technologies adapted to students’ needs. The chance to know the School beforehand, in the most graphic and realistic way existing today, establishes a new bond of trust, facilitating the need for information of the student wishing to take a Spanish course in Spain.


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