The School Blog

The school blog is the new Internet meeting place for all foreign students interested in knowing more about Spain and who would like to discover the different cultural aspects that characterise the Spanish way of life. With the new blog, students will be able to have fun and learn with videos, audios, texts, photographs, games and exercises related to music, film, society, gastronomy and, of course, Spanish language grammar and vocabulary.

The blog is written with the collaboration of teachers and students alike, who may see their best writings in the category “The Student Voice” and their best photographs under “Your Photographs”. Plus, students will actively participate in the blog in another two ways: firstly, with the free comments they can write in relation to the posts created which provide for ongoing communicative interaction between students and teachers at the bchool. And, secondly, they may do the Spanish language exercises proposed by the teachers each week.

Music videos in Spanish, news on current social, cultural and economic events in Spain, recipes, photographs, maps, games… The aim of the blog is to apply the new technologies to Spanish teaching, consolidate the school’s presence on the net (where it already has Facebook and Twitter accounts), bring Spanish culture closer to all of the students who visit us each year and facilitate communication and the exchange of opinions among students and teachers.

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