Teaching Spanish as a foreign language

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja has set the start dates for its 2013 Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language Course. Two-week, sixty-hour courses will begin on 1st July, 5th August and 2nd September. The 2013 course is aimed at covering the most common needs of Spanish as a foreign language teachers as well as re-activating their linguistic knowledge and the correct use of the various teaching tools and resources.

The course will also provide an update on the different teaching methods with special emphasis on the use of new technologies applied to the language classroom and teaching particularly difficult grammar. Moreover, the course also provides a meeting place for teachers from all over the world where they can share and analyse their different experiences.

Teachers who wish to travel to Nerja to do this course may receive a Comenius grant from the European Union to finance training for teachers and other education professionals.

Spanish is currently the fastest growing language as far as the number of speakers in emerging countries like the USA, Brazil and China. On the one hand, schools in these countries are beginning to include Spanish as a required language in their curricula. And on the other hand, Spanish has become a key tool in companies and the financial world for expanding exports and establishing economic ties in a market made up of 450 million people from all over the world.

More information on this course at “teach Spanish as a foreign language”

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