Nerja Events during May and June 2013

Along the next two months Nerja will offer their visitors a number of cultural festivals and events of a great quality. This season there will be three main proposals: Nerja’s “Sleepless Night” (La noche en blanco), San Isidro’s Procession (La Romería de San Isidro) and the Night of San Juan (la Noche de San Juan).

–       The Second Edition of Nerja’s Sleepless Night (La noche en blanco). Local artists and bands will show their best works in the streets of Nerja during Saturday night, May 18. Music, theatre, painting, jugglery and much more else will gather in this special night, with resident people and visitors enjoying, free and oudoor, the greatest cultural events in the around the area. Last year’s edition saw the participation of more than 600 people of all ages.

–       San Isidro’s Procession (Romería de San Isidro). May 15. This is the most important popular festivity in Nerja. It is celebrated in honour of Saint Isidro, patrón saint of peasants. That day, the streets of Nerja are gaily decorated and there are horses and carriages everywhere. People dress flamenco costumes. It is a fiesta where people sing, eat, drink and dance until early morning

–       The Night of San Juan (La Noche de San Juan). During the night of June 23 it takes place the most important night festivity in the year.San Juan’s Night is celebrated in coincidence with Summer solstice, that is to say, the shortest night of the year. It is a festivity related to the soul’s renovation and purification. That night, around bonfires by the seaside, youngsters and old get together to leaving bad moments and feelings behind and letting good vibrations in.

–       Virtual tour of NerjaCavesis available in the Nerja Caves Foundation website. In we will find a virtual route through the Cave, including moving high resolution photos that allow beholding this natural monument incredible beauty and magnificence. From our computer screen we can visit the spectacularCave ofNerja without even losing a detail thanks to the great moving images covering 360 degree vision.

–       El Pinarillo. It is a picnic and BBQ area situated in the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Natural Parks. It is also the most important starting line for the many natural trails that can be enjoyed by hikers and walkers around Nerja. It is located about5 kilometersaway from theCaveofNerjaand to reach this area it is necessary to walk the trail that starts on the left of the main entrance ofNerjaCaves.

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