Nerja as a growing language tourism destination

Nerja has grown to currently become one of the most important places for language tourism in Spain. The validity and strength of Spanish all around the world make more and more people travel to Spain with the main goal of learning Spanish and knowing the culture of the country. Nowadays, there are more than four hundred and fifty million Spanish-speaking people all over the world.  Spanish or Castilian is the second most spoken language in the world per number of native speakers, the second one regarding its use in international relations and the second most studied language, too.  Every Year, more than 150.000 people travel to Spain to learn Spanish.

Today, Spanish is the official language in twenty countries and, in the United States alone is used by more than forty million people. This vigour leads to the fact that every year thousands of people travel to Spain with the aim of learning Spanish and being able to communicate in this language. An extended stay in the language’s country of origin is a guarantee of an effective, clear and long-lasting  learning method, thanks to the complete immersion in the Spanish idiosyncrasy.

In Andalusia, Nerja has become one of the favorite destinations for those who fly to Spain to learn Spanish thanks to the area’s historical, cultural and gastronomical culture, as well as its mild weather throughout  the whole year. Besides, Nerja is well-known for  its natural settings and beaches, the quietness of its streets and also its people’s sympathy and warmness.

The school, with more than thirty years of experience, is officially acknowledged, both internationally and nationally, as one of the most important Spanish centres devoted to Spanish as a Second Language Teaching (SSLT). New and not so new students coming from such countries as Germany, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, United States or Canada visit every year the Andalusian centre. University students who are preparing their examinations, travelers who want to travel around Latin America, young people ad retired people looking for new challenges, professionals trying to get better in their company…people of every age come to Nerja to take Spanish courses in a relaxed, professional and sustainable atmosphere.

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