Groups of Young students

13 groups of Young students coming from nine different schools and universities are going to visit the School throughout 2013 to learn Spanish. Altogether we are speaking of 130 students from four countries:  United States, United Kingdom, Sweden and Austria. The beginning of the relation between these study centres and the School dates more than ten years back, in some cases. During their stay in Nerja, our students will experience a total immersion in the Spanish language, thanks to the lessons and a complete programme of practical and extra-curricular activities.

Like every Year, in 2013 the School has gone for offering to those international language centres with whom it has agreements to work together the possibility to enjoy the adventure of learning Spanish in a perfect environment to combine leisure and study. The Andalusian centre has designed a total language immersion syllabus, so that the student receives a global learning experience, based not only on the language itself, but also on the general Spanish culture and idiosyncrasy.

All students are hosted in authorized local families. Once they arrive, along the days they spent in Nerja, they study in the mornings in small classes, almost always outdoors. In the evenings, the School has planned for them a broad programme of activities so that they can practise the language in a relaxed and recreational atmosphere, always supported by helpful teachers. We can offer salsa lessons, and cooking lessons as well, where our students cook a fantastic paella. We also propose Spanish Cinema, day trips to Granada, beach volley matches or themed parties, among a wide number of different proposals.

Such study centres have been more than ten years trusting in our School in order to live this unique learning experience. In April 2013, the students came to the School again, as well as the British, all of them leaving a good taste among the School’s crew and the local population, on account of their excellent good manners and education.

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