Spanish Course + Baviera Golf

The year 2013 brings with it the possibility of combining Spanish classes at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja with this sport through the intensive Spanish+golf course organised in collaboration with Baviera Golf, the closest golf course to the city of Nerja.

The course was created in order to meet the needs of the many students we get year after year who are golf fans and always ask us: “Where can I play golf after class?” With this type of course, those who love the “green” sport can learn Spanish and play golf at Baviera Golf, the magnificent course situated just a few kilometres from the city of Nerja.

The course consists of twenty hours of Spanish classes a week (individual or intensive in small groups) and four hours of practical golf classes a week with qualified trainers and the equipment included. The golf sessions are adapted to each player’s level and can accommodate beginners to more advanced levels. At the initiation level, students will learn the most basic swings: driving, approaching, chipping and putting. At higher levels, the trainers will go more in depth on certain aspects such as the psychology of the game, strategy, learning special swings such as hitting out of the rough, etc.

Baviera Golf is located in Caleta de Vélez, just fifteen kilometres from Nerja, and features magnificent views of the Mediterranean. It’s a flat course that is known for its spacious greens, the great diversity of obstacles offering opportunities for a variety of swings and the ideal design for all types of handicaps from beginners to experts.

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