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Our School Blog ( is increasing day by day since its creation six months ago thanks to all our daily student visits and new sections, where pupils can participate actively choosing and designing its contents. This blog is born with the objective of explaining and showing Spanish Culture to Students of Spanish in a practical and pedagogic way to motivate and help them in their learning.  It has been designed and created thanks to the effort and collaboration of all our professional team at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja.

This window for the School contains a lot of information and entertainment like, for example “tus fotografias”, one of the favourite sections of our students where you can send your best pictures about Nerja and Andalusia to to be published weekly. Many students have shared their best moments at Nerja and the school with us, publishing their pictures in our blog.

“La voz del estudiante” is another section where the student is the protagonist.  Here are published several texts written during the lessons by the students; storytelling, biographies, anecdotes, cinema scripts, and also texts that are assessed grammatically and praised for their creativity and imagination.

Go to “Material de trabajo” to practice your Spanish. There you can find different exercises to focus  on  particular orthographical or grammatical aspects and practical use of the Spanish Language.

The best way of discovering and enjoying our blog is to click ( Here you will learn, enjoy and practice your Spanish meanwhile discovering about Spanish Culture, Gastronomy, Society, and many different topics such as: Music, Cinema, Cooking, Language… (“Musica en español”, “Cine en español”, Cocina española”, Idioma español”)…and suggest anything you want us to include for next time: We are waiting for you!


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